We satisfy the needs and requirements of our clients quickly and efficiently.

    Europlastic develops products, processes and manufactures components with high added value in a large number of shapes and sizes, from small high-precision components to larger volume ones.

    We process practically all technical materials and work for several sectors, among which stand out:

    • Automotive

    • Electronic y electric

    • Railway

    • Food sector

    • Construction and defense

    • Agriculture

    • Green energys

    Export to diferents countries such as: Alemania, Francia, Suiza, Tánger y Brasil.

    Inyection machines from the manufactures Netstal (Suiza) , Arburg (Alemania) y Engel ( Austria )

    The machinery ranges from 15 Tm to 700 Tm as well as special injection processes with blowing and overinjection of inserts, both manual and automated, all of them equipped with the necessary peripherals for the correct transformation of the material. To complete the product offering, we have an assembly department with:

    • Compressed air tools

    • Ultrasonic welding
    • Transfer machines
    • Pad painting and screen painting

    We are committed to the quality of your project

    Over 30 years of experience behind us.